The Romantic Angel: Finding A Bride for Isaac

A special retelling of Genesis 24, when God sent his heavenly messenger to lead Isaac to Rebecca.

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Eliezer thought to himself.

For a moment his mind went blank. Then instantly there came a plan. It was not the kind of scheme the methodical Eliezer would have thought of himself. Where had the idea come from? An angel? Eliezer was convinced, and he was convinced that what he was about to do was right.

It was evening and he was by the village well. This was the time the women came to draw water. Boldly Eliezer prayed, “O Lord, God of my master Abraham, give me success today and show kindness to my master Abraham. See, I am standing beside this spring, and the daughters of the townspeople are coming out to draw water. May it be when I say to a girl, ‘Please let down your jar that I may have a drink,’ and she says, ‘Drink, and I will water your camels too’—let her be the one you have chosen for your servant Isaac.”

It was providential that Eliezer had his eyes open as he prayed, because before he had finished a beautiful young woman came along with a jar on her shoulder. When Eliezer politely asked her for a drink, she not only complied but drew water for his camels as well. So far, so good. But who was she? She needed to be a part of Abraham’s clan.


Hoping against hope, Eliezer asked the 64,000-shekel question.

Her name was Rebecca. She was not only in the clan, but a grandniece of Abraham which made her a perfect choice to be a bride for Isaac.

Everything seemed to be falling into place, but Eliezer knew there were still two big problems: Would she agree to marry Isaac? Would her family allow her to leave and go to Canaan?

There was no guarantee, but by now Eliezer was almost ready to bet the family farm. He gave the astonished Rebecca three pieces of gold jewelry. Rebecca invited him home to meet the family.

The extravagant gift of gold jewelry to Rebecca was a clue that something unusual was happening, but her family tactfully did not ask questions. That could wait until after dinner. But Eliezer was so excited he could not wait. “I will not eat until you have heard what I have to say,” he insisted. Then the whole amazing story came tumbling out.

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William D. Webber
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