The Seven Signs of a Negative Spirit

Not all the angels we meet are good. Here are practical ways to help you discern a good spirit from a bad one.

There is a responsibility in working with the spirit realm. You can open up to it, but it is not always that easy to close down, especially if you opened to it in an incorrect manner. Keep in mind that psychic and clairvoyant ability does not necessarily include high moral character. There are ignorant mediums and psychics. That is why it is better for you to develop the ability yourself, or at least learn to “try the spirits.” A psychic or medium can introduce you to some of your spirit guides, but he or she should not be your sole intermediary.

Use discernment. There are ways to determine whether or not you are impressed with mere fancy. If valid, the information will be verifiable on some level. Confirmation will come to you through other sources or by events working out, as told by spirit. Negative spirits will not communicate smoothly. The experience will be unpleasant and uncomfortable. It will create stress. Those spirits that are negative are more likely to approach you during times of dilemma, so greater discrimination is required at such times.

Join a meditation or development group. If you do not feel comfortable with the group after several meetings, keep searching until you find one in which you do feel comfortable. There are many wonderful groups out there. Unfortunately, there are also a few negative, cult-like groups as well. You probably will never encounter them, but be aware that they do exist.



negative groups

always have certain common characteristics and strategies. They recognize that if they can institute a behavior, they can get you to change a belief. Beware of the following:

  • A group that wants you to make sudden changes in your environment. This leads to suggestibility and may change your basic beliefs.
  • A group that pushes you into making important decisions without giving you time to think about them.
  • A group that requires absolute obedience.
  • A group that makes claims of divinity or of special knowledge.
  • A group that tries to separate or alienate you from friends and family.
  • A group that has exhausting sessions, leaving you drained.
  • A group that lacks respect for your privacy.
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Ted Andrews
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