Meet Raphael: Archangel of the East

Need help with healing, love, and finances? Contact Raphael for help with this meditation.

Archangels are extremely busy, and spend most of their time on large-scale undertakings that are well beyond our comprehension. Consequently, it is not a good idea to summon them with insignificant problems that you can solve on your own.

Raphael is the sole exception to this general rule. As the angel of all humanity, he looks after many areas that involve us on a daily basis, such as emotional healing, abundance, love, learning, creativity and travel. If someone is rude or unkind to you, you may need instant emotional healing. If you are experiencing difficulty in paying your bills, you should certainly call on him for abundance. If you are seeking a partner, or want to become closer to your partner, call on Raphael for love. If you have a new role at work, you might call on him to help you learn your new tasks. If you have a lengthy commute each day, you might want Raphael’s help with the traveling. On any given day, you might need to contact him on a variety of different matters.
Consequently, it can be useful to have a small ritual that allows you to contact Raphael for a minute or two, whenever necessary. There are many ways to do this.

The easiest and most direct method is to simply call him by closing your eyes and saying, “Raphael, I need your help now.” This method is extremely effective, but should be used only in an emergency.

Daily Meditation with Raphael


This pleasant meditation allows you to strengthen your connection with Raphael on a daily basis. You can do this exercise whenever you wish, and wherever you happen to be at the time. However, you will receive better results if you do it in the same place whenever possible, and at approximately the same time each day. Obviously, this will not always be possible. I like to do this meditation in my sacred space, but because I travel regularly, I am not always able to do it there. When I am away from home, I usually perform this meditation in bed at night.

Lie down and make yourself comfortable. Spend a few minutes relaxing as much as possible. When you feel totally relaxed, visualize yourself surrounded and protected by pure white light. Imagine yourself as part of this white light, so that every single cell of your body is full of its healing, protective energy. Feel yourself becoming as one with this beautiful, divine energy, and become aware of your interconnectedness with all living things.

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Richard Webster
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