Get to Know Your Spirit Guides

'Start noticing what's good in your life, what's beautiful in your world because the spirit world is beautiful.'

BY: Interview by Sherry Huang


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Is there a way to distinguish spirit guides from negative entities?

The only way you can positively know you’re working with guides is to look through the heart. The minute you start to analyze and intellectualize, you disconnect. Here’s an example. I just came back from an eight-day workshop in Kauai. It’s the biggest workshop I teach all year. The weather was threatening to devastate the workshop. We all asked the guides, the water spirits, to hold off the rain while we were teaching.  Every day severe thunderstorms were predicted, but they didn’t occur until the last day. Then, all hell broke loose. I mean, it rained so much that two-thirds of the island was flooded, but it didn’t start until we were saying goodbye to people who came to our workshop. So, to me, I know for sure, those guides helped us. They kept the rain at bay. We were just on our knees thanking them because we made it.

What are three practical steps to banish negative entities?

Negative entities tend to attach to people when they are, first, not sober because it makes them easy to infiltrate. Second, when they are goalless. It’s like when you’re wandering around a city street at night and you have no goals; you’re more prone to attract muggers. It’s the same in the spirit world. As you open up to spirit guides, have goals. I don’t want to just contact anything; I only want good guides that can help me with XYZ. And the third thing is to pray. Pray, or if you’re uncomfortable with that word, meditate and surround yourself with a positive white light. Appreciate the beauty of you, and you will have no problem with negative entities.

How to Banish Negative Entities
Negative entities prey on our own self-doubt and our own self-rejection.  Attracting a negative entity is like catching the flu, and you just start praying and you take your psychic vitamins, meditation, and prayer.  If you feel like you have a negative vibration, just say, I banish you to the light. You don’t belong here. You can’t stay here. Go to the light. And that’s about all you need to do.

What if someone goes through life without connecting with his spirit guides? Will the spirit guide try to contact him?

No, the thing about spirit guides is that you have to invite them in; they cannot intrude upon you.

What would you say to those who are skeptical of the existence of angels and spirit guides?

Personally, it’s not interesting to me to try to convince anybody. I’m much more excited to help the people who are receptive and want to start having the magical, positive experience of inviting their guides in to help them. A closed mind is like an unplugged TV. I can talk to you until the cows come home, but if your TV’s unplugged, you’re not going to see the show.

What prayer do you say to call on your angel and spirit guides?

Before I even open my eyes and take a breath, I start the day with:
Sonia's Prayer to Spirit Guides
Divine spirit, use me this day, move me in the highest direction and open my heart for all the support to achieve my highest good and to be of service to this world. That’s my morning prayer; it really puts me in a position to be receptive to help.

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