Get to Know Your Spirit Guides

'Start noticing what's good in your life, what's beautiful in your world because the spirit world is beautiful.'

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What would angels look like in their spiritual form?

Well, angels in their spiritual form are pretty much just a glowing light. Radiant. One of my angels took the physical form of a very dark-skinned black man. He saved my life.

Tell me more about your religious background. How did it help you tune into spirit guides?

In my Catholic upbringing, we were raised with angels and saints. My family believed that the spirit body lived on and went to heaven, so we also were very connected to extended family and ancestors. I believed angels existed and we would set a place at the table for the guides and the angels. Now, I'm what I call an "expanded Catholic" (laughter). I am definitely a very strong lover and follower of Christ as my master-teacher guide. I definitely celebrate the basic tenets of the faith, but I am not your traditional Catholic.


How is contacting spirit guides different from contacting God or Christ through prayer?

I don’t think there’s a difference. In fact, you ask God for help. They’re his helpers.

Why do you think more people aren’t in touch with angels and spirit guides?

Because we’ve become such a left-brain, ego-based, egocentric culture, we’ve lost touch with the mystical and we’ve become disengaged from our own spirit, so that it’s hard to embrace the spirit world. I think that’s the biggest reason people are disconnected.

You mention some of your personal spirit guides are called “The Pleiadian Sisters."  How would people find out the names of their angels and spirit guides?

Well, one of the ways they can do that is automatic writing. They can write to their guides and take whatever pops in their mind as the answer. A rose is a rose is a rose. You know, your guides will give you their names but the ego mind often rejects it. It’s like, “Oh, it can’t be that. I’m making it up.” When, in fact, you’re not.  Believe it or not, it comes.

What are three practical steps that people can follow to raise their frequency?

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Interview by Sherry Huang
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