Archangel Invocation

In an interview, Joan Borysenko talks about calling angels into daily life.

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Invoking the Archangels

Rex Hauck:

Each day you make contact with the angels. Can you tell us how you do that?

Joan Borysenko:

My own practice of meditation is informed in part by Jewish mysticism. And Jewish mysticism has a belief in the angels. I grew up Jewish and I never knew that Jews believed in angels. My Catholic friends had guardian angels--my Jewish friends, no angels.


Several years ago I was leading a women's retreat, which started on a Friday night. And I thought, "Let's welcome in the Sabbath." In Judaism, when you welcome the Sabbath, you're welcoming the Shekinah, the feminine principle of God. And there's a song that one sings called "Shalom Aleichem/Welcome to Peace." As I researched this, I found it was a song of welcome to the angels--who come in to help you keep the Sabbath, to protect you for this holy 24 hours during which you pull yourself out of the world and you come into the divine presence. And so I found an old meditation that really changed my spiritual practice.

It has to do with the invocation of the four archangels: Uriel, Gabriel, Raphael, and Michael. And, first of all, I want to say that oftentimes when you talk about angels, people go, "Oh damn, they're all men, the patriarchy has taken over again here." But in Hebrew, those names are neither masculine nor feminine--they're all aspects of God.

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Rex Hauck
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