How to Turn Lemons into Lemonade

15 Ways to Sweeten Up Your Day

Lemons in water

Are you feeling surrounded by acidic lemons--sour, trying times that you just can’t seem to enjoy or digest? It could mean an opportunity to turn hard times into learning experiences and chances to grow.

Maybe it is time to make new choices and take this moment to turn what is sour into something sweet: Change your outlook, surround yourself with love, seek out and find hidden treasures in everyday experiences, get healthier, and, perhaps most importantly, be grateful for anything and everything that comes your way.

If life has handed you some lemons, here are a few ideas for turning them into fruits of opportunity filled with potential.

Excerpted from Lemons to Lemonade: Little Ways to Sweeten Up Life’s Sour Moments (Conari Press 2020) by Addie Johnson. She is a freelance writer/editor and mom whose other books include The Little Book of Big Excuses, Life Is Sweet, and the forthcoming Little Book of Thank Yous and Stick-to-it-iveness. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and son.

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