The Importance of Spiritual Partnerships

Author Gary Zukav explains how these unions can help us reach our highest goals as well as assisting us in day-to-day life

Change, possibilities, and power that we could not have imagined are reshaping the entire human experience. New values, goals, and intentions are everywhere appearing like grass in the spring. A new and surprising world is emerging in new and surprising ways. We are all students in a new school, explorers in new territory, and pioneers in a new human experience.

The best way to truly tap into the power and potential of these times is through spiritual partnerships.

Potential spiritual partners recognize the commitment, courage, compassion, and conscious communications and actions of one another. They naturally strive to support one another in creating authentic power.  They journey toward the same goal, recognize fellow travelers, and learn from one another. Spiritual partnerships bring you into cocreative interactions with others who are doing the same.

The benefits of spiritual partnership is that these unions help us reach our highest goals and also the most grounded, pragmatic, and useful tools that we can develop.  Here are nine benefits of spiritual partnerships.


Loving Yourself: Love is a state of being. It is not an emo¬tion or response. You cannot create Love, but you can experi¬ence it, and when you do it envelopes you. Love makes all things precious, including you. It eliminates all constraints. Love is without limits, conditions, judgments, and hidden agendas. A flashlight can be turned off and on. The sun cannot be turned off. Confusing need with love is like confusing your flashlight with the sun. When you love, you and Love become indistin¬guishable, and love for others and love for you become indis¬tinguishable.

Meaning and Purpose: Traveling in the direction that your soul wants to go fills you with meaning. Traveling in other directions diminishes meaning in your life. Traveling in the opposite direction empties your life of meaning. The inten-tions of harmony, cooperation, sharing, and reverence for Life take you exactly where your soul wants to go—toward people, Life, health, fulfi llment instead of satisfaction, and joy instead of happiness. Your life becomes worth living, and you become worthy of living it. These are experiences of authentic power.

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Gary Zukav
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