10 Ways to Be a More Positive Person

Learn New Ways to Cope with Change

By Anne Mattos-Leedom

We are all feeling uncertain these days. Rather than give in to fear and worry, it is important to learn new ways to cope with change and invite inspiration and positivity into our every day.

Emotions run high when our lives are in crisis and when the world seems to be teetering on the edge. Developing new coping skills and practices is a priority. In every challenge you face is the hidden opportunity to create a new life filled with more possibilities and value then we ever had before.

Here are ten strategies to help you see the potential for joy, security and the realization of your dreams regardless of any current struggles.

Advice for LifeAnne Leedom is the Founder of Net Connect Publicity, LifePalz.com and Parentingbookmark.com. Her latest project is the Advice for Life series for iTunes, a series of expert based advice Apps offering the latest resources in parenting, relationships, health, inspiration and life in general.  She is frequently quoted in national media. She lives in Northern California with her two daughters. For more information visit http://www.adviceforlifetips.com/ and www.parentingbookmark.com.

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