21 Ways to a More Successful Career

Self-Improvement Is the Key to Success

Let this wisdom guide you as you aim for your goals.

By Mark Fritz

In any economy, the way to success is to take personal responsibility for your work life and your career. As tempting as it may be to complain about the people, the problems, and the seemingly insurmountable work load, it is important to keep your focus on what you can do to improve things.  Look for ways to grow, learn, evolve and master your job and improve career options. Choose to be more effective in your everyday approach. These 21 tips will help you take charge of your own success and happiness at work!

Read the first tip for career success.

Mark Fritz is a personal effectiveness and leadership expert and author of "The Truth About Getting Things Done" and "Time to Get Started." Find out more at www.markfritzonline.com.


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