21 Lessons from the Miracle on the Hudson

Passengers and First Responders Share their Stories

Miracle on the Hudson

By Dorothy Firman and Kevin Quirk

"Brace for impact,” Captain Sullenberger instructed, and the passengers knew what that meant: they were about to perish in a plane crash. Instead, they received the gift of a “new” life! Since January 15, 2009, they have embraced the Miracle on the Hudson with hearts of gratitude, an awakened sense of purpose, an outpouring of love and appreciation for all of life, a deeper faith, and greater hope. We commemorate the one year anniversary of the miracle of Flight 1549 with these touching insights from passengers and first responders who were there.

Dorothy Firman and Kevin Quirk are the authors of Brace for Impact: Miracle on the Hudson Survivors Share Stories of Near Death and Hope for New Life. The book presents in-depth, first-person stories of 25 passengers and first responders from Flight 1549. Find out more at http://braceforimpact.hcibooks.com.

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