21 Ways to Make Meaningful Connections

Forge Vital Relationships with Others in Everyday Life

holding hands, giving support

Find out how to open new doors by connecting more deeply with the people in your world.

By Melinda Blau

An African proverb tells us, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

The need to belong–to feel that you have people to turn to–is so basic and so critical to mental and physical health that some scientists put it right up there with thirst and hunger. And just as we drink to quench our thirst or eat to soothe a growling stomach, we also can stave off social isolation. Here are 21 ways to forge vital connections in everyday life.

Journalist Melinda Blau, is the author of 13 books and more than 80 magazine pieces. The tips were inspired by her most recent book, "Consequential Strangers: The Power of People Who Don’t Seem to Matter...But Really Do." For more information, visit: www.consequentialstrangers.com.



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