21 Simple Ways to Slow Down and Enjoy Life

Choose a Gentler Pace

By Christine Louise Hohlbaum

In this crazy world of high tech and high anxiety it is important to realize the power of slowing things down.  Life does not have to be a daily race against time. You can choose to live at a gentler pace.

When you engage in the power of slow, you can keep distractions and haste at bay. Slow living does not mean you always crawl at a turtle’s pace. It means finding your custom-made speed and creating a more gratifying life as you pause to savor your experiences more fully.

The first step is to develop a positive relationship with time and a new attitude about how you use the hours in each day. Here are 21 tips for slowing down and enjoying life more.

Read the first tip for enjoying life more.

Author Christine Louise Hohlbaum adapted these concepts from her book The Power of Slow: 101 Ways to Save Time in Our 24/7 World (St Martin’s Press, 2009). For more information visit here.


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