10 Tips for Coping with Criticism

How to Deal with Criticism and Critical People

woman on sofa

By Patricia Spadaro

We all get hit by life's slings and arrows from time to time. These can come from a resident critic—a family member, friend, or coworker who always finds something wrong—or as an occasional putdown that catches you by surprise. What do you do when an insult is hurled your way, privately or publicly? Do you pretend you didn't hear it or hurl an insult right back? Do you internalize it or get angry and lash out . You may not be able to stop someone's nasty words or careless actions, but you can change how you deal with those barbs. They don't have to take you down or tempt you to retaliate.

Try these 10 healthy and empowering tips to meet insults and criticism gracefully and appropriately.  Read the first tip.

Patricia Spadaro is the author of the book "Honor Yourself: The Inner Art of Giving and Receiving" (Three Wings Press, 2009). For more resources on empowering ways to honor yourself, visit www.HowToHonorYourself.com