21 Ways to Give Up a Bad Habit

You Can Start Right Now

By Chris Prentiss

Is there a habit or behavior you would like to change?

There is room in all of our lives to say goodbye to a limiting habit and adopt a new and healthier one. Yet making and keeping a commitment can be challenging. Stepping up to the plate to create real change takes more than just courage. It takes consistency, realism, support, and a willingness to discover the underlying issues. These 21 tips will help you reinvent your life with more zest and create new habits that will last.

Read the first tip for creating healthier habits.

Chris Prentiss is the co-director of the Passages Addiction Cure Center in Malibu and the author of The Alcoholism and Addiction Cure; Be Who You Want, Have What You Want; Zen and the Art of Happiness; and other books on personal growth. For more information, visit www.PowerPressPublishing.com

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