Making Peace with Personal Debt


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Coping with Debt and Despair

Searching for the light at the end of the tunnel of debt? Try these tips for emotional debt relief. Learn to soothe your soul as you take responsibility for the money you owe.

By Deborah Price

It seems that almost everyone today is burdened by debt.  Many of us feel our personal debts--and our national debt--weighing heavily upon us.

Some people always seem to have issues with owing money. Others have been propelled into debt due to the economic crisis. Regardless of how you got there, debt often equals despair. Let’s take a look at some key ways to deal with owing money– and our fears and feelings about it – that are both practical and spiritual.

Read the first tip on making peace with personal debt.

Financial crisis blogger Deborah Price is devoted to offering hope and support during these difficult times. Visit her blog, Your Daily Spiritual Stimulus.

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