10 Tips for Inner Confidence

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Do Things Because You Want To

Throw away the big O, Obligation. Give up the G word, Guilt. And make a commitment that everything you do, you do because you want to. Even for things you don't necessarily love doing, ask, “What is it about this action that does matter to me?” and act from that place. It’s all about your attitude. You can choose to be a martyr and a victim, or you can choose to be authentic.


Where Did You Learn Courage?
Growing up, how did you learn to be courageous?
I watched my parents and siblings and did what they did
My parents talked to me when I was scared and that helped me be brave
I planned what I would do in scary situations ahead of time
I followed the example of my favorite superheroes
People tried to help, but in the end I just had to face my fears on my own
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