Saving the Planet--One Idea at a Time

Here are 10 earth-friendly possibilities to strive for, courtesy of Beliefnet members.

Beliefnet asked, you answered. What


we be doing--globally or locally--to save the earth? Here are the top 10 ideas sent in by members. Then

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Block Junk Mail


Save The Worms


Get Religious Leaders Onboard


Stop Overpackaging


Set an Example


Live Unplugged


Think Globally



Choose Cotton


Give More Than Take


Go All-Hybrid

10. Block Junk Mail

To save the Earth, we need to stop junk mail. Write to:

Mail Preference Service
Direct Marketing Association
11 West 42nd Street
P.O. Box 3861
New York, NY 10163-3861

By writing to them you can reduce junk mail by up to 75 percent...You can recycle the rest of the junk mail you receive.


 9. Save The Worms

My personal experience has been [that it is] worthwhile to practice composting, especially with red worms. So much of what we used to haul off to a landfill now goes into bins to feed my red wrigglers who in turn produce the most wonderful newly created rich soil for my garden. All they want in return for their hard work is more garbage!

 8. Get Religious Leaders Onboard

I guess if there is any hope at all, it needs to come from religious leaders stressing now more than ever the importance and sanctity of nature that God has created. Instead what seems to be stressed by Christianity is this fantasy that the earth is a big playground for our gratification and that we might as well go ahead and ruin it because after all, the Church is going to be raptured. Then the earth will be burned and reformed (so the story goes). What hope is there to take nature and the environment seriously with this Western mindset?

7. Stop Overpackaging

One thing that bugs me is the amount of packaging I have to throw away on items I purchase. The little box may make shipping and shelving the toothpaste I buy easier for the stores and shipping companies, but for me it creates a problem of dealing with packaging. Maybe we should unwrap the stuff we buy and leave all the unnecessary packaging at the store with instructions to recycle it.

6. Set an Example

Start with yourself, and lead by your life's example. In other words if you are concerned with the affects of pollution, overconsumption, encroachment, extinction, etc. you must start by "walking lightly" on the earth. Be more aware of how your choices impact the world. Make transportation choices that consume less energy (e.g. walk, ride, public transit, carpool). Stop being driven to compete with your neighbours for status goods. Learn to distinguish what you need from what you desire, and then make intelligent choices based upon how much utility you gain.

Take some of the money you save from the above exercise and use it to support groups that are making a difference (e.g. Physicians without Borders). Volunteer some of your time as well as your money. And then notice how much more meaningful your life is because you are actively engaged in improving the future rather than simply walking lemming-like towards the abyss.

5. Live Unplugged

Unplug--there are many, many things around the house that are plugged in and draining little bits of energy round the clock, without even being "on"--i.e., your TV/VCR/Stereo/DVD player, computer, microwave, battery charger, anything else with a constant display (clock) or some sort of programming that resets when the power goes out. Unplug them until you are ready to use them and forego the convenience of the programming if possible, or use a power strip and turn it off, thus "unplugging" many things at the flick of a switch (great for the entertainment center).

 4. Think Globally

To save the Earth, to start the change for the betterment of the planet, we have to first change ourselves. We have to start thinking globally, for the humanity's sake. First, we have to implement and live Jesus's message in our daily ordinary lives: Love yourself and love one another.

3. Cotton-ize Your Wardrobe

What I do to save the earth is that all the clothing items I purchase are 100% cotton. Cotton is biodegradable as opposed to rayon or nylon clothing which when buried in garbage dumps do not decompose. When clothing made out of synthetics are burned they pollute the atmosphere.

2. Give More Than Take

I believe to take only what you need, and always give back more than you take... to the earth, family, friends, strangers. And now that so many of those before us have abused this rule...give back even more.

1. Go All-Hybrid

I don't know how possible this is, but my idea is for the government to order all car manufacturers to make only hybrid cars from now on. No more cars that run on just gas. That way every person buying a new car will be buying a hybrid, and in a matter of just a few years, the percentage of hybrid cars to gas cars will be much higher.

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