After the Flood, Stories of Hope

A daily blog featuring news of survival, generosity, and the strength of the human spirit in the wake of the tsunami disaster.

Ongoing Inspiration

The day after Christmas, disaster struck in South Asia. But like so many catastrophes, the devastating earthquake and tsunami affected myriad more lives than happened to be at the seashore on that day. Family and friends who lost loved ones were left to mourn; people who had once visited that region of the world thought, "What if?"; those who live in the ravaged areas thought, "What now?"

Now that the initial shock has faded and the miraculously impossible stories of survival are painfully few, it is time to end this daily blog. But the inspiring stories of unlikely alliances, the power and generosity of the human spirit, and tireless work to relieve the suffering will go on. Newly aware of the fragility of human life and the earth we inhabit, who can say how much goodness the aftermath of this disaster may yet bring out in us?


Saying Thank You

In Indonesia, anti-government rebels are part of life, but in the wake of the tsunami, rebel leaders are joining the chorus of

praise for international relief efforts

. The rebels' message to foreign aid workers is "You are welcome, and we will not hurt you." A spokesman for the Free Aceh Movement, a separatist army, told a New York Times reporter, "I am very grateful and thank the Americans and the rest of the world that when they saw this disaster they worked directly to help." He said that rebels would not attack government troops as long as the relief effort was operating. (Note: Free registration is required to view this article.)

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Compiled by Holly Lebowitz Rossi
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