Ruby's Weight Loss and Recovery Journey

Facing Food Addiction: 'Healing Every Part of Me'

Ruby's before and after weight loss photos

Interview by Holly Lebowitz Rossi

Ruby Gettinger used to weigh 716 pounds. In 2008, at 500 pounds, she launched a show on The Style Network to chronicle her journey to lose the weight, save her health, and achieve her dreams of love and happiness. Now, in the show’s third season, Ruby is about to cross the 350-pound mark, well on her way toward her goal weight.

It’s a long, tough climb, from the physical difficulty of finding ways to exercise and eat right in a food-obsessed world to the emotional distress of trying to recover lost childhood memories to the spiritual pain of feeling unable to pray for help with the one problem that haunts her most. Step by step, she’s passing milestones like driving a car, buckling a normal seat belt, and putting on a pair of jeans and even a bathing suit. And with the help of the 12-step program, Ruby is facing down her food addiction and letting the truth, however painful it might be, set her free.

Read on for Ruby’s inspiring story of weight loss and food addiction recovery, and get her tips for how you can start your own journey toward freedom.

“Ruby” airs Sunday nights at 8 pm et/pt on The Style Network. Visit for more information. Holly Lebowitz Rossi is Beliefnet’s Health editor and the co-author of the holistic health blog Fresh Living. "Before" photo courtesy of Ruby Gettinger, all other photos of Ruby courtesy The Style Network.