On the Weight Loss Journey with Ruby


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On the Weight Loss Journey with Ruby

Ruby in Purple

Gems of wisdom from the 500-pound Style Network star who’s on a quest to lose the weight and reclaim her life.

Interview by Holly Lebowitz Rossi

Since she was 10 years old, Ruby Gettinger has struggled with her weight. At one point, she weighed 700 pounds; she currently weighs close to 500. Her weight problem cost her the love of her longtime boyfriend, and it has caused health problems from diabetes to sleep apnea. Now her doctor is telling her a simple but chilling fact: if she does not lose the weight, she will die.

As Ruby gets serious about transforming her life and realizing dreams from the simple (taking a bubble bath) to the profound (finding her soul mate), The Style Network is following her on her journey. Ruby spoke to Beliefnet about her life, her faith, and what keeps her going day by day.

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"Ruby" airs Sunday nights at 8 ET/PT on The Style Network. All photos of Ruby courtesy The Style Network.

Holly Lebowitz Rossi is Beliefnet's Health editor.



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