The Best Stay Fat Strategies


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The Best 'Stay Fat' Strategies

The Best Stay Fat Strategies

Tongue-in-cheek tips to guarantee that you will succeed in not losing weight.

By Janice Taylor

Especially when it comes to weight loss, people sometimes have to see the picture of failure before they can be motivated toward success.

One day, I was on the phone with a client. Jo was in the dumps, feeling defeated, and telling me how she pretty much felt like a failure. "Why can't I lose weight?"

Suddenly, it hit me. I said, "Jo, you know you really are a major success."

"HUH?" she replied.

"That's right. You are quite successful at NOT losing weight. I'm not sure if you aware of it or not, but you have put a brilliant strategy in place."

I asked Jo to make a fun list to catapult her out of the "I can't" rut. She laughed, but as she wrote, her energy shifted dramatically. Here's Jo's list--maybe it can bust your rut too!

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