6 Reasons Why Running Keeps You Happy and Healthy

What a Good Jog Can Do

Woman's legs running on the beach.

My whole life changed the day I took up running. It all started when a friend signed me up for a half marathon and I was thrown into a world of 6 a.m. training runs and peculiar aerodynamic shoes. I've been a runner ever since. It's not always pretty, and there are many days when I stand on a trail with my hands on my hips, gasping for breath and wondering if I am cut out for such athleticism.

But I kept going and I learned that running has a multitude of benefits. From your physical health to your sanity, there’s nothing that a good jog can’t improve.

Jennifer E. Jones is the Beliefnet Inspiration Editor who is training for her first full marathon… and not nervous at all about that

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