How to Photograph Your Way to Happiness

9 Ways to Find Joy Through Photography

Woman photographer

By Judy Weiser, R.Psych., A.T.R.

Whether it's on our cell phones, PDAs, pocket digital cameras, or fancy SLR, it seems that we are always taking pictures. But did you know that every picture you take is a self-portrait, even if you aren't in it?

I recently provided consultation for a survey commissioned by Kodak that showed that while most Americans say their network of friends has grown "wider" through social networking and portable electronics, these technologies have not made those connections any deeper. In light of these findings, and from my work as a psychologist specializing in using photos to help people heal, I believe that we can deepen our relationships and even our self-awareness by looking more carefully at our photographs.

Looking at your pictures can help you know more about the deeper parts of your life. Why did you want to preserve that particular moment? What do your photos tell you about your inner feelings and thoughts, and what matters most to you?

Try these 9 techniques to get to know yourself — and strengthen your connections with others—through photography.

Psychologist Judy Weiser, director of the PhotoTherapy Center, is considered the world authority on the emotional meanings of ordinary snapshots. Visit to learn more about the Kodak survey and PhotoTherapy.

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