21 Ways to Make Simple New Years Resolutions

Simple, Meaningful New Year's Resolutions

New Year's party

By Janice Taylor

The New Year is upon us, and I am thrilled.  We now have an opportunity to look back on 2010 with lovingkindness, decide what we'd like to change and what goals we'd like to set, and move forward into a new year!

At the same time, I recognize that the statistics for people actually reaching their New Year's goals aren't very encouraging.  Research shows that more than half of those who set goals fall off the resolution bandwagon by mid-February.

What's up with that? Why do we abandon our goals? It's because we take on too much, and we make it all so complicated!  We are overwhelmed and under-motivated.

As a life coach, and someone who thinks that goals are groovy, I put together these 21 tips for how to make simple New Year's resolutions.

I invite you to join with me as we ring in the new year with simplicity and in good humor! Deep breaths everyone! I've got a feeling that this year is your year to live a life you love!

Janice Taylor is the author of the Our Lady of Weight Loss blog on Beliefnet, and the book, All is Forgiven, Move On.

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