Nine Ways to Find Peace of Mind

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Un-Set Your Heart

Un-Set Your Heart

Un-setting your heart means letting go of your picture of how you want it all to be. It means letting go of trying to control things over which you have no control. One of the prime causes of our suffering is our wanting things to be different than they are. Yes, we all want a peaceful world instead of a world filled with weapons of mass destruction.

Yes, we all want health instead of illness. Yes, we all want healthy, happy children instead of children who break our hearts. But sometimes life doesn't hand us what we want. And when we un-set our hearts from our needing it all to be a certain way, we can breathe a sigh of relief and open the door to a more powerful way of living.

Dr. Susan Jeffers is the author of the self-help classic 'Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway.' This article is adapted from her newest book, 'Embracing Uncertainty: Breakthrough Methods for Achieving Peace of Mind When Facing the Unknown,' (St. Martin's Press). © Susan Jeffers 2003. Visit her website at