Finding Fulfillment and Experiencing Joy in Your Life

The Joy of Your Master

Many people have heard the story of the talents in the Bible. A man—who is a picture of Jesus—is about to go on a journey. Before he leaves, he calls his servants— a picture of us—and doles out his possessions to them. One servant is given five talents, one is given two talents, another is given one talent. Before I get further into the details of the parable, however, allow me to jump to a segment of the story that most people overlook.

I did, until the winter of 2001 when a life-changing nugget from this tale hit me like a semi-truck sent from heaven, proverbially altering the way I live and move and have my being. You see, at the time I was experiencing some incredible personal challenges with my life feeling unfulfilled. I was successful at work, but feeling as though I had missed my mark and my calling.

The words I’m referring to—the ones that changed the landscape of my life once and for all—are those of the man who went on the journey, the man who represents Jesus in the parable. When that man returns from his long trip, he sees that the men who were given five talents and two talents had invested the money, each making double what he’d left them. In response, the master says: “‘Well done, good and faithful slave; you were faithful with a few things, I will put you in charge of many things, enter into the joy of your master’” (Matt. 25:21, author’s emphasis).

Hold it right there.

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