Finding Fulfillment and Experiencing Joy in Your Life

Finding Joy

Letting Go

By Bob Westfall

“Are you ready to dream God’s dream?” In his new book, The Fulfillment Principle: Experiencing a Life of Pure Joy and Fulfillment, Bob Westfall invites those who are overwhelmed and unfulfilled to realize this simple but profound truth: “When you use the gifts God gives you to live out the dream He has birthed in you, then you experience the joy of fulfillment that comes straight from heaven.” Drawing on the challenge from Jesus’ parable of the talents,

Westfall shows readers how the Creator of the universe hands His children a clear, concise blueprint for pure joy. They will see the extraordinary impact individuals can have when they choose to use their gifts and not bury them.

Do you have it? There’s something you want, we all want. In fact, our hearts ache for it. Some of us realize it sooner than others. Unfortunately, some of us never realize it at all. It’s joy. It’s fulfillment. It’s a pleasure and contentment and peace—an unending spring of living water—that runs deep within our very being.

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