12 Depression Busters for Caregivers


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How to Overcome Caregiver Depression

Woman and her old mother.

By Therese Borchard

Nearly one-third of people caring for terminally ill loved ones suffer from depression, according to research from Yale University. About one in four family caregivers meet the clinical criteria of anxiety. And a recent study found that 41 percent of former caregivers of a spouse with Alzheimer's disease or another form of dementia experienced mild to severe depression up to three years after their spouse had died.

Caregivers are so vulnerable to depression because they often sacrifice their own needs while tending to their loved one and because of the constant stress involved. Here, then, are 12 tips to help protect you from anxiety and depression and to guide you toward good mental health as you care for a relative.

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Therese J. Borchard writes the Beyond Blue blog on Beliefnet.