Budget Savvy Holiday Gatherings

Switch Up the Meals

Holiday Weight Loss Tips

It’s no secret that dinner is the most expensive meal. Not only does it have more courses (like appetizers, soup, salad and dessert), expensive ingredients like meat and seafood often take centre stage — not to mention the alcohol. When the night is over, you’re left with the clean up before heading to bed. Some of your guests may be wary about venturing home in the dark during dicey weather.

Why not offer your guests breakfast, brunch or lunch instead? Let less-expensive (and healthful!) options like fruits and vegetables, homemade baked goods and eggs grace the table instead of rich fare. Many brunch dishes use meat as an accent rather than in large amounts — like chopped ham in a quiche or omelet. For beverages, try gourmet coffee, herbal teas blended with juice or hot chocolate with a hint of cinnamon.

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