Recharge Your Drained ADD/ADHD Brain

Add a Spring to Your Step with Some Changes

By Linda Roggli

I thought ADD/ADHD meds, were hit or miss. I’d take medication when I remembered to (sometimes) or when I thought they’d help (occasionally).

Then I hit a wall. Work. Family. Politics. More work. I knew I was drowning, so I called my lifeline, Dr. L. He listened closely, changed my meds, and pleaded with me: “Just take them!” And for the first time, I took my medication as prescribed. The difference was astonishing. Within a week, I was bright and chipper. I was me again.

After years of excuses, I awoke to the truth: My ADD/ADHD requires more than a lick and a promise. It needs a boost now and then, perhaps on a regular basis.

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