Calming Techniques for Adults with ADHD

The Lost Luggage

Not long ago, I flew home to Washington, D.C., after a long, exhausting trip. What a relief to be home again, I thought, as I eyed the baggage circulating on the conveyor belt. But relief turned to frustration, and then to anger, as I realized that, no matter how much I wanted my suitcase to materialize, it wasn’t going to. The airline had lost my luggage. Again. I was furious.

As I trudged to customer service, I did just what I tell my clients to do in such situations — I took several slow, deep breaths. I kept on deep-breathing (in through the nostrils and out through the mouth), and managed to be civil as the man behind the counter explained that my suitcase wouldn’t be delivered to my home until after midnight.

I was still fuming when I boarded the Metro train, although I was pleased with myself for not causing a scene at the airport. As I took my seat for the ride home, I thought about how my former client, Richard, would have handled the situation.

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