Could You Be a Tanorexic?

I treat anorexics but this was a new one for me. A “tanorexic” is a person who ignores the health risks and may need intervention to stop because of habitual tanning.

BY: Linda Mintle


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I had to ask. One lady said it made her feel good, another liked the look of the tan because she didn’t have to wear nylons, another says she’s addicted. I think I found a few tanorexics! In his study, Dr. Adinoff discovered that the ultraviolet radiation that we constantly try to block when we put on sunscreens, not only damages skin, but also turns on a reward switch in the brain like a cigarette does for a smoker and alcohol does for the alcoholic. Dr. Adinoff divided tanners into two groups. One group tanned but the ultraviolet radiation was blocked. After the tanning session, this group was asked if they wanted to keep tanning.

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