10 Ways to Regain Your Health

Take the Journey to Reclaiming Wellness

Quotes to Perk Up Your Afternoon

By Inna Segal

In our stressed out nation, more people are experiencing health issues large and small. From stress ailments to serious issues, we hear all the time from friends who “are not feeling well” or who are “under the weather.”

Pressure and suppressed emotions have a detrimental effect on our health and wellbeing. More and more people are suffering with larger and small health issues and feeling ‘under the weather’

If you feel that life has taken a toll on your mind, body and spirit, you can start to actively participate in your own healing. Below are 10 ways that you can use to improve your health and connect to the wisdom of your body.

Inna Segal is the creator of Visionary Intuitive Healing® and the best selling author of The Secret Language of Your Body. For more details about Inna please visit www.innasegal.com.

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