Why I Like Being a Scientologist

Beliefnet members describe how Scientology has benefited them.

"I love it because it not only totally allows me to be myself, but actually HELPS me to be myself..."



"I love Scientology because it allows me to handle specific areas of my life that I am not happy with. Also, I love going to church and seeing people discover Scientology for the first time! Most people are so excited to find that Scientology can immediately help them in their lives! It is great seeing people rise up above all the troubles they have been stuck in. " --



"Scientology addresses the spirit. ...Scientology includes processes which are used to help people become more themselves - the immortal spiritual beings that we are. During this process, we shed those things which we have been holding onto - past hurts and things we did that we wish we hadn't done.

These processes are called auditing - which comes from the Latin word audire and means "to listen."

The end result of auditing is relief! And feeling freer as a person, and more able and less "holding back."


I like auditing because the auditor NEVER evaluates, never invalidates, never tells me what to think or feel or decide. It's all coming from ME! It is very validating, as a being, to be treated with this kind of respect.


I like that my religion encourages tolerance for the religious beliefs of others, and that the members of my religion often belong to other religions as well. Jews, Baptists, Catholics, Pagans, Hindus, Shintos, Buddhists, Muslims, etc., all getting along! That gives me hope for the entire planet. Imagine a world without religious intolerance and warfare!

Many members of my religion work hard to bring about a better world, through programs like Criminon, Narconon, Applied Scholastics, the World Literacy Crusade, etc.

Those are the things I like best about my religion!"

"Every single challenge, personal and/or professional, that I have overcome in the last decade has been overcome through my application of Scientology principles. ...My life is really what I want it to be - and I am a happily married man, a happy and proud father, a successful professional, etc etc - I get what I want out of life. Scientology is simply a wonderful skill set for handling life.

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