Scientology and the Travolta Tragedy

A Scientologist explains the church's views on autism, medical care, and life after death.

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So, the church would not approve of a member seeing a doctor or taking medication for a psychiatric condition?

Scientologists are opposed to mind-altering psychiatric drugs. They're dangerous. They're labeled as such by the Food and Drug Administration. Many of these drugs have black box labels. Their side effects are widely known and they are dangerous side effects.

Now, I want to focus on things that have come up in relation to the death of John Travolta's son. What does Scientology believe happens when a person dies?

Well, in Scientology, we believe that you yourself are an immortal spiritual being that has lived before and will live again. As such, you've lived many lifetimes and, potentially, you have many lifetimes ahead of you. So the spirit, which is you, is immortal. You are not your body.


As an immortal spiritual being, you have past existences. You have future existences. Past existences we simply refer to as past lives.


So, when somebody dies, he or she essentially departs the body. But, the person, the personality, the life force, and everything that makes the person what he is, that's intact. That is not lost with the body. That body is gone, but the person is still very much alive and intact.  The person would just carry on into the next lifetime.

So, would the person be reborn eventually into a different body?

Well, the person would inhabit another body. There are other connotations to the concept of  being reborn. It can get mixed up: rebirth, reincarnation, these kinds of things. These are different.


You’re an immortal spiritual being; you're not your body and you live lifetime after lifetime. You've lived before and you'll live again.

Would you just live on infinitely? Would your spirit live on infinitely?

Yes. There's an important distinction here. You don't have a soul. You don't have a spirit. You are a soul. You are a spirit. You are an immortal spiritual being. You are not your body. You, as an immortal spiritual being, live forever. You are life force. You are the life force that animates that physical shell.

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Ansley Roan
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