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A Gift of Fire?

In September, both my daughters had to move back home. We were in a small apartment, [so] I started searching for bigger places. I found a place I REALLY wanted. I started with an e-mail to the apartment complex and we were going back and forth and it all sounded so good.

Well, I thought our lease was up in October, and it wasn't up until January. I was disappointed. I put my worship CD's in my computer and was looking at all these nice places and begging God to help us. Well, on September 26 the neighbor kids set [our] apartment on fire. I stood in front of my home and watched huge flames [shoot] out of the roof of my apartment and lots of smoke pouring out my windows and doors. It was devastating. I cried and prayed, and something told me to just calmly walk through this.

Well, between Red Cross and a whole lot of praying, I am now in the apartment I wanted so bad. God didn't give it to me easily, but He did give it to me His way. I believe wholeheartedly that was my prayer being answered.

God truly does hear us and put us where we need to be.



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