Unique Passover Traditions


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Unique Passover Traditions


By I. Carmon

Did you know Afghan Jews whip each other with scallions during the ceremonial Passover meal, known as the seder? And that's not all! Every spring, Jews celebrate Passover, marking God sparing the Israelites and delivering them from slavery in Egypt, as detailed in the book of Exodus. For seven days Jews abstain from leavened bread to mimic the deprivation of their forefathers as they left Egypt through the Sinai desert.

The scattering of the Jews around the world over the past 2,000 years, to nearly every continent, has meant that these traditions have evolved and been adapted to different settings. Here are some of the most unique Passover traditions from around the world.

Unique Passover Traditions: Eating the Dust of Real Bricks...

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