The Rabbi and the Centerfold

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, author of 'Kosher Sex,' has a combative conversation with Playboy's Miss November, Lindsey Vuolo.

Lindsey Vuolo
Rabbi Shmuley Boteach:

In the interest of full disclosure I should tell you that I am not against pornography but rather in favor of the erotic attraction of modesty, and a lot of my books deal with that....On the other hand, I do write books on sexuality and everything else so I have an open mind about all this, but I do come from a specific perspective, so I hope that you will not be offended with any of the questions that I ask. If you feel that some of the questions are unfair or somewhat hostile, by all means you can say you don't want to answer them. I have no interest in portraying you badly in this interview and I will not do that, but I am coming from the perspective that I articulated. Okay?

Lindsey Vuolo: Okay.

SB: Is it correct that you're the first Jewish Playmate?

LV: As far as I know, I'm the first Jewish Playmate to admit that I was Jewish. I think there might have been Playmates that were kind of half Jewish and just never really talked about it.

SB: Clearly you didn't have to be open about everything in your life for the interview [with Playboy that accompanied the pictorial], but you felt strongly that you wanted a Jewish empowerment in the interview [when you spoke about your experiences in Israel and displayed your bat mitzvah photo], is that correct?

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