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I like being Jewish because my faith promotes kindness, compassion, wisdom and charity above all else. "Being Jewish" is more about being a good person than adhering to all the rules of Judaism. I also like being Jewish because of the depth of the religion - I don't think I could know everything about Judaism if I studied my whole life. Jews put a high premium on knowledge and wisdom - they encourage questioning and skepticism, not blind faith. I enjoy all the beautiful songs, foods, books, prayers, and traditions that are part of Judaism.

-- bigpointyteeth


Beyond the ultra-conservatives you find in my religion (and in many others), I find that I love the open-minded spirit of Judaism and its scholarly aspects. There is a wonderful saying that sums this up: "Ask two Jews a question and you are bound to get three opinions!" Also, the Kaballah is SO WONDERFUL! The mystical aspects of our religion are very powerful and comforting.

Passover is my favorite holiday... and I love the fact that we examine the persistent problem of slavery in its old and new forms each year around the Seder table.

Too many of my Christian friends...believe that we believe what is found in their Old Testament and they don't realize that Judaism is a living, evolving religion that in no way is at all like their preconceptions. It is a thriving, wonderful religion and culture!

-- mollymdla

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