The Mourning After

We emerge from a period of sorrow by reaffirming life, love, and creation

We have just emerged from the most painful period of the Jewish year, a time of sorrow and mourning known simply as "The Nine Days." The Nine Days culminate in a day of fasting and lament known as

Tisha B'Av

(the ninth of the month of Av). On this day, we remember a horrific array of tragedies that have befallen the Jewish people since the birth of its covenant with God, most poignantly the destruction (


)of both Holy Temples in Jerusalem.

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Imagine waking up one day and seeing the most important place in your world being burned to the ground. The place where you go to "taste and see" the presence of God, the place which embodies the love and commitment shared by you and your Creator, is being shamelessly destroyed by a hateful enemy. You are ultimately powerless to stop him, and God--for reasons you are not at all sure you understand--chooses to be silent as well. Has God abandoned you, declaring the covenant you had thought eternal null and void? You are paralyzed by confusion, sorrow, and even rage. How is it possible to live when all you value, care for, and aspire to has simply disappeared?

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