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  • The inevitable--what is inevitable? If only you knew! The trumpet will sound a single blast. Earth with all its mountains will be raised high in the air; and then with a mighty crash it will be shattered into dust. On that day even greater things will happen. The sky will lose its strength, and start to sway; then it will break apart. The angels will stand around the sky, and eight of them will carry the throne of God above their heads. On that day all of you will be brought before him, and all your secrets will be exposed.

    Qur'an, Al-Haqqah, Surah 69:1-3, 13-18
  • May Allah return your kindness.

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The basic purpose of human existence is acquisition of knowledge of God; there is no relationship more true than this spiritual affiliation. All other types of relationships are but derivative and dependent upon that spiritual connection, and in themselves nothing to boast of. end quote
-Lahiji: "Mafatih"
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