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Both Judaism and Islam are staunchly monotheistic, believing in the existence of one — and only one — God, for starters. read more »
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The hijab, or headscarf, is one of the most noticeable and misunderstood badges of Muslim women. But there’s much more to the... read more »
  • You surely know that you were created. Why, then, do you not reflect on your creation? Consider the seeds that you sow. Do you make them grow, or do we? If we wanted, we could turn your harvest into chaff. Filled with horror, you would exclaim: “We cannot now pay our debts. We have been robbed.”

    Qur'an, Al-Waqi'a, Surah 56:62-67
  • Imam Jafar bin Muhammad al Sadiq advised the believers to switch on lights in the house before sunset...

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Once Ibrahim bin Adham saw a stone with the inscription, "Turn me over and read!" When he did an inscription appeared: "You do not practice what you know. Why do you seek what you do not know?" end quote
-Al-Hujwiri, "The Kashf al-Mahjub"
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