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  • By the setting star, your comrade [Muhammad] has not gone astray, neither is he deceived, nor following his own desire. This Qur'an is a divine inspiration revealed to him by the mighty one [Gabriel]. Endowed with incredible power he made himself manifest on the uppermost horizon of the sky. Then drawing nearer he came downward until he was only two bow-lengths away from him. Thus Allah made His revelations manifest to the chosen servant. His own heart did not belie the vision. Then how can you dispute with him?

    Qur'an, An-Najm, Surah 53:1-12
  • He said that once `Ali b. al-Husayn (a) saw a person doing tawaaf of al-Ka`bah and saying: O God I ask from You the patience (as-Sabr)

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Never, O wolf, play at being a fox, performing service in order to gain power; rush into the fire like a moth: don't hoard service, play for love! end quote
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