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Many celebrities are rumored to have converted to Islam. Find out which ones actually did and which ones didn't! read more »
Both Judaism and Islam are staunchly monotheistic, believing in the existence of one — and only one — God, for starters. read more »
What are the pillars of Islam? What the word "Islam" mean? Who are the prophets and the angels? Take this quiz and see how much... read more »
The hijab, or headscarf, is one of the most noticeable and misunderstood badges of Muslim women. But there’s much more to the... read more »
  • Stay united and adhere to the faith of Allah, and let nothing sow dissension among you. Remember how He bestowed His favor upon you and united your hearts after your animosities that you became as brothers by His grace. You were upon the brink of the abyss of fire, yet He saved you from it. Thus Allah makes clear His revelations to You, that you may be guided.

    Qu'ran, Al-Imran, Surah 3:103
  • For those who happen to be on the very high cliffs of mountains...

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His burdens have made him double over, his moans before you are loud and clear. "Show me a prayer, a benediction," he cries, "that I may be delivered from these hidden chains." end quote
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