Muslim Informants Preventing Domestic Terror Attacks

Beliefnet expert Aziz Poonawalla examines the roles that courageous Muslims have played in preventing terror attacks.

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Aziz writes the fantastic Beliefnet blog City of Brass

As Americans, Muslim Americans have the same vested interest in preventing terrorism as any other fellow citizen. In fact, since 9-11 woke all of us (muslim and non-muslim alike) to the reality of terrorism against our homeland, American muslims have arguably borne a greater responsibility in preventing attacks. That is a responsibility that the muslim community has accepted and has faithfully upheld.

Ever since 9-11, accusations against muslim Americans have been made that we do not “condemn” terrorism. In fact, we have been doing better than condemning it – we have been actively preventing it, in cooperation with the FBI and local law enforcement agencies. We are the first line of defense. Here is the proof: a list of domestic terror plots from October 2001 to January 2012 where muslim informants helped prevent the attack and helped prosecute the perpetrators:


October 2001: The conviction of “Portland 7” case was substantially helped after a local police officer encountered the suspects engaged in target practice. The police officer was sent to the area after a local citizen notified police he heard gunfire.

September 2002: Members of the “Lackawanna 6” are arrested. FBI first becomes aware of their activities in June 2001 when a local Muslim community member tips off the FBI.

April 2003: A citizen notifies local police after he mistakenly receives a suspicious package sent by anti-government terrorist William Krar. The tip-off starts a Federal investigation eventually leads to Krar’s arrest and the discovery of small arms and chemical weaponry.

June 2003: FBI receives two tips from community members notifying them “military-style training” being conducted suspect by Ali Al-Tamimi. The tips start an investigation leading to the arrest of the “Paintball 11” in Northern Virginia.

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