A Muslim's Unique Take on Country Music

In the genre of country music, Muslim musician Kareem Salama has found his niche. But he doesn't sing "Allah" with a guitar and a cowboy hat, he just sings of faith.


Hesham's iPod" is an occasional column about what's hot, what's spiritual, and what's buzzworthy in Muslim music, and about the nature of Muslim artists.

I was never really a country music fan, and I never thought I would purchase any country music album. That was until I listened to Kareem Salama. I first heard this talented musician at the entertainment session of the Islamic Society of North America conference a few years in Chicago. I thought he was good, but initially I wasn't really that impressed. In fact, I was basically "forced" to buy his album from a friend of mine who wanted to promote him and his music.


But sometimes we’re put on a path that has a good destination, though we don’t know of it at the time. And so when I put Kareem Salama in my iPod, I became forever hooked ... maybe not on country music, but definitely on this country musician.


Born and raised in the small town of Ponca City, Oklahoma, Kareem Salama is the son of (like me) Egyptian immigrants. A chemical engineer and now lawyer by trade, Kareem Salama's his venture into music was long in the making. Writing on his website, Salama says, "I began writing songs when I was very young, but I became a more serious writer because of my love for classical poetry." His songs culminated in his first album, “Generous Peace,” which came out in 2006 and is currently available on iTunes.


The album is a wonderful collection of songs with deep meaning and messages. A soothing spirituality weaves throughout each song, but there is nothing overtly Islamic in this album either, which is exactly how I like Muslim music. You don’t have to be Muslim to listen to this. Kareem Salama doesn't sing "Allah" with a guitar and a cowboy hat.

But I can feel Allah throughout his music. One of my favorites on this album is "Land Called Paradise," in which Salama sings about going to the "Valley of the King." The music video to that song is extremely touching, and it won the Grand Prize in the 2007 One Nation/Link TV film contest. My absolute favorite song, however, is "Lady Mary," where Salama sings about the mother of Jesus is such a beautiful way that it almost always brings tears to my eyes.

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