Five Tips on Parenting Facebook Kids

Parenting kids of the Facebook generation is tough. Here are five tips to help you navigate your hi-tech kids.

This is the second of two columns in which Hesham Hassaballa, father of three daughters and longtime Beliefnet contributor, explores the challenges of raising moral and faith-conscious children of the texting and social networking generation.

Being a parent in the 21st century presents challenges that are unprecedented. The technology available to our children is unlike any our nation has ever seen before. My daughters are making Powerpoint presentations for school--something completely unheard of when I was their age. Through cell phones, text messaging, instant messaging, and social networking sites, our children can be connected to an entire world of people. It is simply amazing.

But at the same time, with this tremendous technological advance comes potential danger. Online predators abound on the internet, and who knows how many 11-year-old "friends" on Facebook are actually 41-year-old pedophiles looking for their next victim. Our children do not want to be left out of these social networks--Lord knows how much I hated to feel like an outsider when I was a kid--but at the same time, they may not understand how dangerous our world truly is. And we do not want them to find out the hard way.


Standing in the middle of all this are parents, and we struggle to find the right balance between allowing our children to experience the world around them and protecting them from harm. I know I struggle with this dilemma, and I don't know where to draw the line. But I have to figure this out soon, because, although my daughters are young now, they will soon be asking for their own cell phone, then a computer, then a Facebook account, then car, then ... who knows.

As a Muslim, I naturally try to answer my parenting questions with my faith: What would Islam advise about parenting our children in the age of cell phones, chatrooms, instant messaging,YouTube, Facebook, and MySpace? Well, nothing specifically, but it does lay down principles from which I can base my parenting goals. After reflecting for a long time, for which I am glad that I had to write this column, I have tried to come up with a few basic fundamentals when it comes to raising my kids in this high-tech era. Hopefully these tips will be of use to you:

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