Why I Want to Be a Jedi

As a Muslim, I know our troubled world needs Jedi principles--honor, discipline, service, and devotion to a higher power.

I am a little embarrassed by admitting this, but, I have always wanted to be a Jedi. Yes, I know the Jedi are fictional warriors from the "Star Wars" series. However, there has always been something about the Jedi that have attracted me. When I was a young lad, when the first three movies came out, I wanted to be a Jedi because they were "cool." They defeated the bad guys with their "awesome" light-swords. As I became older, the whole spirituality of the Jedi order appealed to me. They embody the sort of Muslim I want to be: a spiritual, devout warrior for the common good.

The Jedi remind me of the Sufi mystics of the past. These Muslims were "knights by day, monks by night." They dedicated their days to the common good of their fellow human beings, and their nights were spent in deep and devoted worship of God. It is an ideal I have always strived for and, I admit begrudgingly, have not yet achieved.

I have always loved how the Jedi can use the powers of the Force to their advantage. I always fantasize how cool it would be to use the Force to lift the remote control from across the room and bring it to my lap. I would love it even more if I could run to work, instead of battling the Dark Side warrior of Chicago's traffic, at amazing speed using the Force; or if I could use the Force and perform a backflip, forever impressing my friends; or if I could see into the future like the Jedi do.


By and large, though, what I want more than anything else is to own and be able to use a light saber! That would be the ultimate dream-come-true. The skill and art of the light saber is beyond imagination, and to be able to master that skill, without amputating your arm in the process, is an enormous accomplishment indeed.

More than simply cutting off the hand of a thief or flipping away from a speeding car, I am deeply attracted to the spirituality of the Jedi. I can easily substitute "God" for the "Force" and make complete sense. In fact, I always wonder whether the Jedi are actually speaking of God when they talk of the "Force." After all, in Islam God has 99 names, and, for me at least, God is the "Force" that drives my life every day.

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