Understanding Islam Resources

Resources for use with "Understanding Islam: the Mini-Course," produced in collaboration with the Macdonald Center for the Study of Islam & Christian-Muslim Relations, Hartford Seminary.


What Sort of Muslim Are You?
A quiz for Muslims to assess where they fall on a conservative to liberal spectrum

Test your knowledge of Islam
A quiz for Muslims and non-Muslims alike to flex their brainpower.


Learn About Islam

Islam Challenge & Critique
Islam Basics

Synopsis of Beliefs and Practices

The Meaning of "Islam"
At the very core of Islam is submission to
God and the call to peace.

The Five Pillars of Islam
Learn what core beliefs all Muslims share.

Explore Ramadan and Hajj, the two biggest holidays on the Muslim calendar.

A Brief History of Islam
Everything you always wanted to know, from Islam's 'golden age' to the meaning of 'jihad'.


Islam & Violence

Islam and Violence
Islam specialist John Esposito says our acquaintance with Islam has just begun, and at the wrong place.

The Struggle for the Soul of Muslim Youth
Who defines Islam in the Middle East now?

Does Islam Condone Suicide Bombings?
Suicide bombers wage a distinctly modern type of warfare not sanctioned in any faith.


Being Muslim in America

Today I Am Three People
Reflections of a Muslim convert.

I'm an American Muslim and I'm Afraid
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