Tony Campolo: Did Jesus Mean What He Said?

One of America's most controversial Evangelical authors and speakers says it's time we read the "red letters" of the Bible -- the words of Jesus. Then the mysteries of living finally become clear.

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“Jewish Zionism would say the entire Holy Land belongs to the Jews — and the Palestinians need to leave. But most Jewish people see these are two states. The solution is not just taking land away from Palestinians and building new Jewish settlements there every week -- but that’s what’s happening.

“I think what Jesus would want justice from both nations with safe and secure borders. They should stop what they are doing – and both sides are doing terrible things. He would also call on the Israelis to stop overreacting so that they kill 150 Palestinians for every Israeli killed.

“Every life is precious, so I’m not saying they are not.

“But the disproportionate actions are scary for me. I think that what He would say is ‘There’s got to be peace.’ The physical walls that separate the West Bank from Israel need to be dealt with. We can’t have the Palestinian people in prison like this. Jesus said, ‘I have come

to set the prisoners free.’

“I think that He would have a lot to say about the Palestinians who have responded with violence and terrorism and sending rockets over the wall,” says Campolo. “You know, innocent people and terrorism.

“You know, terrorism in which a child gets on a school bus in the morning unsure they will have a home when they return – and in which their parents aren’t sure the children are even going to get to school, it’s that kind of thing that Jesus would react to. Above all else, He would be a peacemaker, saying “Come on, how can we come up with a fair and just solution to this?”

Jesus would have a lot to say to the United States, says Campolo. “We provide billions of dollars to the state of Israel and simultaneously finance the Palestinian government.

“The fact that we finance both gives us the leverage to make peace talks happen. The good thing Jesus would say is, ‘I love both people. I wish that someone would remind them that the Jews are the children of Abraham but so are the Arabs. We need to reestablish a brotherhood that’s gotten lost somewhere along the line.

“I think Jesus would come reminding them of their heritage and calling them to be a single family.”

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