Mixing beer and Bibles, missionaries fill the pubs

Outreach is occurring in some very unorthodox sanctuaries.

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“A biblical argument can be made,” writes author and radio host Mike LeMay – that Jesus would have strolled right into the bar, particularly, “when one reads about how Jesus went to Matthew’s home where prostitutes and other sinners were partying."

Is this blasphemy?

“Jesus went in boldly," says LeMay, "and proclaimed the Gospel, not caring if He was seen with sinners that would cause some to paint Him in a negative way.  He boldly proclaimed the Gospel to people who were in desperate need of it.”

In Portland, Oregon, a visit to a local bar was “a sad night for me,” reports theologian Tyler Braun. “Since my decision to get into Christian ministry, I have been around situations like this very rarely. I forgot how sad the bar scene can be. People lead lives that focus solely on the weekend to go out and get drunk. Of course they probably would look at someone like me and think that I am stupid for trying to live for God. They would say that it isn’t a very fun life. Let me paint the scene. I saw one guy passed out on a chair, others working on trying to get this girl or that guy onto the dance floor.


“I’m not going to say it is wrong to go to bars or to drink beer. I am saying,” he writes, “I was shocked about how far I’ve distanced myself from people like this. I do not run into people like this in my everyday life. My life has relatively zero impact on the life of a weekend partier.

“I find it sad that there are so many people so disillusioned and untouched by Christians who can give hope. I’ve heard stories of church meetings in bars in Portland. I know some people who are relatively outraged about this. This is because they feel the church is then saying that what happens in bars is considered OK by the church. I don’t agree.

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