Should Christians Celebrate Christmas?

The Yuletide season is perhaps our most beloved holiday, embraced worldwide by both the devout and the secular. However, some Christians are alarmed. Some even say that it's time to declare "Bah, Humbug!"

BY: Rob Kerby, Senior Editor


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“The Nativity” by Lorenzo Lotto

“Just because the world distorts something,” writes Keathley, “that does not make it evil if we avoid the distortions and use it as God intended or in a way that does not go contrary to God’s character and holiness.”

“Here in the U.S., there is a war going on against traditional Christmas observance,” writes Ariel bar-Tzadok. Not your traditional defender of Christmas, bar-Tzadok is an Orthodox Jewish rabbi. “As a simple human being dedicated to serving God, I applaud my Christian neighbors in their pursuits of our common spiritual/moral endeavors.

“I do not have to believe in Jesus Christ, or Santa Claus, to welcome, encourage and support these beliefs in my Christian neighbors, who hold these beliefs so dear to themselves.

“The Adoration of the Shepherds” by Antoine and Louis Le Nain (1600-1648)

“Christmas is supposed to bear a message of peace on earth and good will towards man. This is a universal message that all should embrace, regardless of one’s personal beliefs about Jesus.

“Christmas Tree and Manger Scenes are reminders to Christians about all that’s right about their faith,” writes Rabbi bar-Tzadok. ”These religious symbols do not divide, they unite! Christmas Trees and Manger Scenes may not be expressions of my faith, but they are an expression of a faith, a faith that has the potential to be right and good for all.

“Why then is there such an attack on these Christian symbols of what is right and good about Christianity, and equally an attack on what is right and good about the Christian people who so love and embrace these symbols?

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