Venezuela's unpredictable dictator appeals to Jesus to heal his cancer

He's been tied to narco-terrorism, al-Qaida, the Taliban and widespread corruption. Now, Hugo Chavez appears on national TV pleading with Jesus to heal his cancer that has defied Cuban doctors.

After years of criticizing the church, kicking out Christian missionaries, assisting terrorists and praising atheists, Venezuela’s mercurial strongman, Hugo Chavez came home from a botched cancer treatment in Cuba, then took to Venezuela’s airwaves to call out to Christ for help.

“Give me Your crown, Jesus,” the ailing autocrat proclaimed. “Give me Your cross, Your thorns so that I may bleed. But give me life, because I have more to do for this country and these people. Do not take me yet.”

Chavez in an earlier photo. His hair has regrown or he's taken to wearing a wig

“Chavez cried,” reported David Gerges for theBritish newspaper the Daily Mail, “and his voice broke in the televised speech made in his home of Barinas, in front of his parents and other relatives. The 57-year-old praised Jesus and called on God to spare his life, in an emotional speech. Chavez made his plea standing below an image of Jesus with the Crucifix. He was anchored by his mother and father who both held his hand as a priest led a prayer for his health.”


Chavez then flew to capitalist Brazil for emergency medical treatment after communist Cuban doctors inflicted intestinal radiation burns on him during mishandled treatments for his cancer. Officially Chavez has never admitted he has cancer – and has provided no details of his illness.

However, the broadcast marked a double repudiation for Chavez, who delights in wearing Fidel Castro’s Communist mantle – and revels in his inherited role as America’s greatest antagonist in the Western Hemisphere.

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